Individual Visas

While there are many different types of visas in Indonesia allowing for work permits or tourism, there are a large number of options for individuals beyond the usual 30-day Visa on Arrival (VoA) available at the airport. Retirees, dependents, spouses and even those attending a conference can apply for a visa that allows for longer stays and other benefits not available to the everyday tourist.

Single Entry Visa B211A

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A Single Entry Visa B211A Indonesia (called a B211A) is perfect for individuals travelling to Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia for either tourism, business meetings, study or volunteering and who want the option to stay for up to 6 months…

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Foreign Work Visa

Working Visa - Swift Visa Indonesia

Work Visa So you might think, that working in Bali (or elsewhere in Indonesia) is sounding pretty good after your holiday? But working in Indonesia is highly regulated, and the penalties for working without the necessary work permit (Foreign Work…

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Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa - Swift Visa Indonesia

A Spouse Visa is designed for a foreigner who has married an Indonesian national (either in Indonesia or elsewhere overseas) allowing the spouse to reside in Indonesia with special benefits. While the spouse will not be allowed to work on…

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Retirement Visa

Retirement Visa - Swift Visa Indonesia

For anyone who loves the idea of retiring to Bali (or anywhere in Indonesia), there’s a special class of Retirement Visa for foreigners over 55 years old. The only meaningful restriction with a Retirement Visa is you cannot work or…

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Foreign Investor Visa

Foreign Investor Visa

One of the big advantages of forming a Foreign Investment Company is that it can be used to sponsor you into a Foreign Investor Visa, which allows you personally to live in Indonesia as a director of your company. It’s…

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Research Visa

Research Visa - Swift Visa Indonesia

If you want to conduct genuine scientific research within Indonesia, you can apply for a Research Visa. A Research Visa allows foreign nationals to enter and stay in Indonesia for research purposes. However, to obtain a Research Visa, you need…

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Family Visa

Family Visa - Swift Visa Indonesia

If you decide that you want your family to be with you while working and living in Indonesia, you have 5 different options available to enable your family to join you. This may be your wife or husband, or children…

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Dependent Visa

Dependent Visa - Swift Visa Indonesia

Bringing Your Family to Indonesia Any foreigner who is working in Indonesia with a valid KITAS can apply for a Dependent Visa to have their dependents, either their spouse or children, live with them in Indonesia. Spouses must provide proof…

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Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Visa - Swift Visa Indonesia

Everything You Need to Know to Work Legally in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia If you’re a digital nomad looking to escape the rat race and work remotely from exotic locations, Indonesia’s new Digital Nomad Visa might be just what…

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