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Exceptionally fast Visa, KITAS and Company Establishment through industry-leading access to Government contacts and systems.

Visa and Company Services

Looking for the best visa agent in Bali? Swift Visa Indonesia provides individual Visa, KITAS and KITAP applications, Company Establishment, Foreign Worker Visas and immigration services for both multinational and locally owned businesses.

Corporate Services

Company-sponsored Visa and KITAS direct-to-Government processing (including bulk applications) for international corporates with staff in Indonesia.

Individual Visas

We make the application process for individuals requiring a Visa, KITAS or other government-mandated permits simple and easy to understand.

Tourism Visas

Anything more than 30 days requires a specialised Visa to stay in Indonesia (including Bali), including work, research, dependents and retirement.

Corporate Services

From forming an Indonesian regulated company through to hand-holding the bulk-application process for the Oil & Gas, Technology and Manufacturing industries sending multiple employees to Indonesia, we have dedicated account managers to make the complex process of obtaining the correct work permits smooth and transparent.

Foreign Investment Company

For anyone wanting to form an Indonesian company to conduct an operational business, hire employees or invest in property.

Foreign Investor Visa

For those who form a Foreign Investment Company, there is a special class of visa that allows the director to live in Indonesia while directing the company.

Foreign Worker Visa

For businesses that want to employ a foreign worker – the most common type of working visa for foreigners to work in Indonesia.

Domestic Company Establishment

Even for locally-owned Indonesian companies the changing laws and regulations can be a nightmare if not set up correctly.

Business KITAP

Individuals who have worked for the same domestic or foreign investment company longer than 4 years can apply for a KITAP, which is a 5-year stay permit.

Tax & Accounting

The problem child of the business world, neglecting tax reporting and accounting requirements is a common problem for foreign-owned businesses.

Visa Services for Individuals

We provide Visas, KITAS, KITAP for new applicants and renewals for existing holders.

Single Entry Visa

This is a special class of visa for tourism or business valid for 60 days and renewable twice for a potential stay of 180 days.

Investor Visa

If you have a Foreign Investment Company you can also apply for a visa that allows you to live in Indonesia while directing the company.

Retirement Visa

Indonesia has a special category of visa for retirees, and the best thing is you only need to be 55 years old to apply.

Spouse Visa

Any Indonesian national can apply for a spouse visa for their foreign partner. What most people don’t know is that foreign nationals with an existing visa (KITAS) can also apply.

Dependent Visa

If you are living and working in Indonesia you can qualify to bring your foreign-born children to live with you. It’s not automatic (as some people believe) but is a simple process.

Family Visa

Want to bring your family to live with you while working in Indonesia? There is a special category for families including spouses and dependent children.

VoA Renewal

if you’re planning on extending your VoA in Indonesia, consider using Swift Visa Indo for a smoother and more convenient experience.

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What clients have to say about Swift Visa Indonesia.

Visa Testimonial - Richard Massey - Swift Visa Indonesia

Sales Director at Northwire. Social Visa

“I used Swift to get an onshore social visa. They were very professional and responsive. They answered every question I had and gave good advice. Also the best price I’ve found on the island for a visa agent. Thank you!”

Visa Testimonial - Kel Gusthart - Swift Visa Indonesia

Advanced Rigger at Monodelphous. Investor Visa

“I used Swift Visa Indo for my Investor Kitas and they were brilliant! So easy. Quick, easy and really straight forward. Large team and everybody I dealt with were perfect to work with. Will be using them again for my Spouse visa. 10/10!”

Visa Testimonial - Edouard Allain - Swift Visa Indonesia

Hotelier & Hospitality Professional. Foreign Investor Company

“I recently used Swift Visa for my Kitap and my friend PTPMA. They made it so easy and simple. It was cost-effective and far more professional and easier than any other visa company I’ve used in the last 15 years of living in Indonesia.”

Visa Testimonial - Samuel Pepena - Swift Visa Indonesia

Snr Managing Director, Petroleum Parks Holdings Ltd. Foreign Investor Company

“It gives me absolute pleasure to express my highest gratitude for all of the incredible support provided to us by Fika & her diligent team of professionals at Swift Visas. So if you’re trying to get anything done here in Indonesia / Bali both individually or company related with Visas or setting up a new project for your own company, I’d highly recommend the team at Swift to ensure you receive the best value service around.

The Swift team are fast & reliable at processing all your needs it’s basically the most simplified process for visas in Indonesia. Thank you once again Swift Visas for providing us with our Visas and Kitas / PTMA requirements here in Bali.

They are amazing to work with and explain the process so you feel comfortable and secure.”

Visa Testimonial - Bobby Lee Usman - Swift Visa Indonesia

Managing Partner, Bali Ventures. Working Visa

“If you are planning to visit Bali, Indonesia for an extended time, you will discover that the process for visas becomes very complex and difficult.

I got my initial visa extension and now my KITAS is organised through SWIFT. This company made the process easy and fast!

Renewal of the visas can also be confusing and they do a wonderful job of once again making everything go smoothly.

Absolutely recommend that you make your travel/work abroad plans easier by working with this wonderful company.”

Visa Testimonial - Taylor Ward - Swift Visa Indonesia

Company Director. Spouse Visa

“I used Swift Visa for my spouse and I can’t recommend them enough. Very professional and great to work with. Thanks for the service guys. Would recommend them to everyone !!!!”

Visa Testimonial - Martin Bulmer - Swift Visa Indonesia

FCDO, Morson International.

“Absolutely no easier and stress free way to obtain my latest KITAP with Swift. Professional and knowledgeable from the very first meeting with everything in place. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking documents and Professional advice while staying or living in Indonesia.”

“I hate paperwork. Swift understood my vision from the first conversation and lined up every piece of documentation that I had to sign, explained it in words I could understand and got done in 2 days while other companies took 3 months. Wouldn’t use anyone else.”

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Swift Visa Indonesia


  • Direct access to real-time ministry systems.
  • Direct connections with government officials.
  • The industry leader is our managing director.
  • Industry-leading systems provide transparency in reporting.
  • The experience that comes with 11+ years of successful Visa, KITAS and Company Establishment services.

10-point checklist to know if your visa agent is reliable.

Most of our clients have been through the process of applying for a visa for work, their company or even a simple renewal. Most everyone was sold a service through an agent that simply passed on the application process to another business for processing.