Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services Division was created to allow the Founder and Managing Director to focus on clients with large-scale visa and KITAS requirements, company formation documentation and the clear need that international businesses have for completing and processing the correct documentation. The Corporate Division is aimed at providing service to senior professionals in the HR and Legal Departments of multinational corporations conducting business in Indonesia without running foul of the intricate legal processes required by the Indonesian Government across 4 key Ministries.

Foreign Work Visa

Working Visa - Swift Visa Indonesia

Work Visa So you might think, that working in Bali (or elsewhere in Indonesia) is sounding pretty good after your holiday? But working in Indonesia is highly regulated, and the penalties for working without the necessary work permit (Foreign Work…

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Foreign Investor Visa

Foreign Investor Visa

One of the big advantages of forming a Foreign Investment Company is that it can be used to sponsor you into a Foreign Investor Visa, which allows you personally to live in Indonesia as a director of your company. It’s…

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