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Spouse Visa

A Spouse Visa is designed for a foreigner who has married an Indonesian national (either in Indonesia or elsewhere overseas) allowing the spouse to reside in Indonesia with special benefits.

While the spouse will not be allowed to work on this visa, they can live in Indonesia and travel freely in and out at will. The Indonesian is the sponsor for the Spouse Visa applicant and therefore must have proof of Indonesian citizenship. 

A Spouse Visa is valid for 12 months and can be renewed 4 times. One of the biggest advantages is that after the couple has been married longer than 2 years the sponsored spouse may apply for your temporary stay KITAS into a Permanent Resident status (called a KITAP) that is valid for 5 years (and can also be renewed).

The process follows the same pattern as most other individual visa applications. And while it appears complicated we take care of the entire application process end-to-end so you don’t need to worry about the details or intricacies of Indonesian immigration law.

First, the applicant applies for an electronic visa (called a VITAS) which is then converted to a temporary stay permit for a spouse (called a KITAS) after arrival in Indonesia.

The KITAS application also comes with a multiple re-entry permit (MPRE) allowing the holder to leave and return to Indonesia as many times as they like at will.

The application process also includes a police report (STM) which is not a background check, but simply an acknowledgement to the district police that a qualified foreigner resides within that district.

A Residential Permit (SKTT) is also supplied which acknowledges to the local district civil service that a foreigner is qualified to reside at the registered residential address.

If the applying spouse intends to work then a different visa is required, such as a Work Visa – a foreigner cannot hold more than one KITAS at a time.

However, a Spouse Visa (KITAS) holder can apply for a different visa if they intended to work while residing with their family in Indonesia.

After arrival (on your VITAS) 2 meetings with immigration are required: the first is to convert the VITAS (which is just an entry visa) into a KITAS (which is the permanent stay permit).

The 2nd visit is after 3 days for biometric fingerprinting scanning and photo.

How much does a Spouse Visa cost?

The cost of the Spouse Visa application is IDR 9,350,000 (approx. USD $625.00).

More information about Spouse Visa, published by the Indonesian government