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Retirement Visa Indonesia

For anyone who loves the idea of retiring to Bali (or anywhere in Indonesia), there’s a special class of visa for foreigners over 55 years old. The only meaningful restriction with a Retirement Visa is you cannot work or earn an income within Indonesia.

The benefits of a Retirement Visa are the ability to travel freely to and out of Indonesia (yes, that includes Bali), lease land (think retirement villa) and open a bank account (which most people think is easy, but is actually restrictive).

What are the requirements for a Retirement Visa?

The requirements are pretty straightforward.

  1. You need to obtain life and health insurance
  2. Sign a residential lease for at least 1 year
  3. Hire a maid (yes, you read that right)
  4. Proof of funds

While we can easily help you with the first 3, your proof of funds must be in the form of a pension statement or other proof of regular income of more than USD $1,500 per month or USD $18,000 per year.

We have processed so many Retirement Visa Applications there is a pattern that allows us to help you maximise the chances of success by providing the correct documentation to the right government ministries and local district authorities.

How long is a Retirement Visa valid?

A Retirement KITAS is valid for 1 year, with 5 extensions of 1 year each.

However, after 5 years of consecutive Retirement KITAS extensions you will be eligible for what’s called a KITAP – a Permanent Stay Visa which is valid for 5 years, and again is renewable.

You are also allowed to bring your children with you provided they are under 18 years old, but they will need a Dependent Visa (which is why we tailor packages for families).

While you cannot apply for a Retirement Visa as a couple, you can apply individually, but in our experience, this is much more difficult than a single spouse to apply for the initial Retirement Visa, and then the partner applies for a Dependent Visa.

Retirement Visa Process

Much the same as other individual visas, the Retirement Visa follows a relatively simple process through the bureaucracy that governs immigration in Indonesia.

First, the applicant applies for an electronic visa (called a VITAS) which is then converted to a temporary stay permit (called a KITAS) after arrival in Indonesia.

The KITAS application also comes with a multiple re-entry permit (MPRE) allowing the holder to leave and return to Indonesia as many times as they like at will.

The application process also includes a police report (STM) which is not a background check, but simply an acknowledgement to the district police that a qualified foreigner resides within that district.

A Residential Permit (SKTT) is also supplied which acknowledges to the local district civil service that a foreigner is qualified to reside at the registered residential address.

How much does a Retirement Visa cost?

The cost for the Retirement Visa is IDR 13 million (approx. USD $870).

What documentation is required for a Retirement Visa?

Here’s the list of documents you will need to provide us so we can process your application.

  1. Your passport with 18 months remaining validity
  2. Photograph with red background
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. Copy of your Life and Health Insurance Policies
  5. Lease agreement for your house (or villa) in Indonesia (including Bali) for at least 1 year (signed by both parties and must display the owner’s name, address of the rented house, the amount of rent paid annually and attach the owner’s KTP)
  6. A Statement/letter to employ an Indonesian maid or other domestic staff while living in Indonesia, and stating you will not be working or engaging in any business activities, and that you have secured your accommodation
  7. Maid/helper ID card (KTP)
  8. Statement of Pension fund with minimum USD 1,500/month (yearly USD 18,000)
  9. Copy of marriage certificate – if married